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WoolAid Plasters

WoolAid Plasters

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When you’re enjoying the outdoors, nobody wants to stop the fun for a scratch, scrape, cut or blister.

WoolAid allows you to cover the wound knowing that the natural wool fabric will allow the skin to breathe and optimise protection so you can get on with your adventures. 

Together, we can eliminate the estimated 50 billion single use plastic plasters that are bought globally each year. 

Optimised wound protection:
Highly breathable fabric allowing for moisture and temperature regulation around the wound and surrounding skin.

Biodegradable and plastic free fabric:
WoolAid’s bandage fabric biodegrades in approximately 4 months when buried in soil.
Biodegradable, and recyclable, packaging, bandage sleeves and tabs.

Renewable wool resource:
Our sheep have their fleece removed approx. once a year as we come into warmer months, and it grows again!

Hypoallergenic for sensitive skins & allergies:
Hyperfine merino fibres are gentle on skin and wool is hypoallergenic

Multiple sizes, and colours, in each pack:
Two bandage sizes in each pack with fashion-forward colours such as Alpine Blue and Granite Grey

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"When heading out on a mission it's great to know that Parachute First Aid have the right gear for me"

- Fraser