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Pyro Putty Ultra-Lite Single Use Foil pack 2.5g

Pyro Putty Ultra-Lite Single Use Foil pack 2.5g

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Single-Use Foil Pack.
Enough Pyro Putty to get your fire started in any situation
Great for your Backpack, Glovebox, pocket, and beyond.

Life throws curveballs daily. Be prepared with Pyro Putty! Pyro Putty's proprietary blend allows you to build a fire at any given time. Cold, Hot, Wet, or Wind Just light it up with Pyro Putty!

  • Lighter Weight Than Original
  • Increased Flammability
  • Quick Ignition
  • Brighter UV Reaction
  • Broader Temperature Range For Increased Pliability In All Conditions
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"When heading out on a mission it's great to know that Parachute First Aid have the right gear for me"

- Fraser