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Ouch Pouch

Ouch Pouch

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A stylish, practical and comprehensive first aid kit designed specifically for nappy bags, handbags, and pushchairs.

The Ouch Pouch is the perfect accessory to provide essential supplies to handle minor emergencies and injuries while on the go.

Compact, and full of all the essential products needed to help common childhood injuries, such as cuts, bumps, splinters, minor burns and grazes. 

Ouch Mouse

With a single scan of the QR code, Suzy Cato voices our Ouch Mouse to calm children with an interactive mindfulness activity. The perfect distraction while you tend to their injury.


Manuka balm 12g tin

Assorted fun kids plasters


Island dressing 6x8cm

Island dressing 9x10cm

Non-adhesive dressing 5x7.5cm

Non-adhesive dressing 10x7.5cm


Paper tape 1.25cm wide

Alcohol free Antiseptic wipes

Sterile gauze

Wound closure strips

Splinter probe



First Aid instructions

Size 14cmx14cm

Who is Ouch Mouse?

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"When heading out on a mission it's great to know that Parachute First Aid have the right gear for me"

- Fraser