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Winter sickness

With Winter in full swing, as parents we are trying to protect our little ones from the
never ending stream of bugs. This is a challenging time for families with our littles
ones often falling victim to a variety of illnesses. Although it is normal for a child to
catch a new virus every 2 weeks (that’s right, there are that many different ones out
there!) it doesn’t make it any easier. So here are 10 ways that may help little ones
through this tough time and make sure we see a speedy recovery!

1. Keep a close eye on your little ones symptoms and seek medical attention
if you notice any red flags such as, difficulty breathing, dehydration, or
persistent vomiting.
2. Ensure your child gets plenty of rest to help their body recover faster. Let
them nap as needed and limit physical activity until they start feeling better.
3. Encourage your little one to drink plenty of fluids like water, clear broths,
and oral rehydration solutions such as hydrolyte to help combat
4. Provide comfort measures such as cuddles, soothing music, their favourite
movie or a soft toy to help keep your little one calm and relaxed.
5. Follow your healthcare provider's recommendations regarding over-the-
counter medications to alleviate symptoms such as fever, pain, cough, or
6. Offer your little one nutritious foods that are easy to digest, such as soups,
fruits, and vegetables, to support their immune system.
7. Ensure your little one stays warm and comfortable by dressing them in
layers, especially during the cooler winter months.
8. Teach your little one to cover their mouth and nose when coughing or
sneezing, and encourage frequent handwashing to prevent the spread of
9. Take an infant & child first aid course to learn how to provide lifesaving
treatment if required.
10. If you have any concerns about your child's health or if their symptoms
worsen, don't hesitate to contact their healthcare provider for further
guidance and support.

Always remember we are built in with our intuition for a reason! If you feel like your
little one is deteriorating or something is wrong but you are unable to put your finger
on it, follow that feeling and act on it- we are usually right. No one knows your little
one like a parent, and it’s our job to advocate for them as they are unable to do it for

Registered Nurse: Founder of Little Loves First Aid
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