Be Prepared – Know your First Aid Kit

Be Prepared – Know your First Aid Kit

Be Prepared – Know your First Aid Kit

One of our aims at Parachute First Aid is to do all the hard work for you; finding the best First Aid products available and helping you tailor them to your lifestyle.

We love seeing each kit go out to a new home/car/bach/workplace or backpack, knowing that we are setting people up with the tools to deal with first aid situations if they arise.

With a Pharmacy degree and experience in extreme adventure health & safety, I think First Aid is cool. Now I’m not sure how to pass this love onto the rest of New Zealand but I do hope that all of our customers will take the time to ‘know’ their first aid. 

This means more than just having an idea of where your kit is located.

  • What’s in your kit? Have certain items been used since you last checked?
  • Do you know how to use the contents? Get familiar with what’s there.
  • Read the information leaflet in advance. In an emergency you’ll be pleased you did.
  • Consider training. We’ve got a great list of independent first aid trainers for all situations.
  • Think about any certain requirements you might need – 

Antihistamines? Cardiac medications? Diabetes medications?

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